Pop-Up Globe

Epic battles. Laugh-out-loud comedy. Dazzling special effects. Elaborate costumes, Spectacular dances. Sword fights in full suits of armour.

Don’t miss the immersive experience of Shakespeare performed in the space for which it was written.

Pop-up Globe, the world’s first full-scale temporary working replica of one of history’s greatest theatres, the second Globe, will soon pop-up next door to the iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

Pop-up Globe is a three-storey, 16-sided, 900-person capacity theatre. It unites cutting-edge scaffold technology with a 400-year-old design to transport audiences back in time. No matter where they sit or stand in the theatre, audience members are never more than 15 metres from the heart of the action on stage. Sometimes they’ll even find themselves in the play.

Available until 12th November visit popupglobe.com.au to purchase your ticket

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